04 6 / 2012

Risotto Risotto Risotto

Been busy with work lately and we’ve been out from the kitchen for the past 2 consecutive Sundays :/ Am terribly sorry about it.

Anyhoo, in return, shall post up what we did 3 weeks ago (gasp!)

We’ve been procrastinating to cook risotto as the process is quite tedious. After rounds of research and recipe studying, we shall give it a try :) And may we present to you:

Mushrooms Risotto

* keep stirring it for 30 minutes and continuously add on chicken stock if the rice is too dry.

mixed it with lemon juice.

and tada!! 

Till next week *fingers crossed* see ya :)

19 5 / 2012

Breakfast For Dinner :)

Having english breakfast for dinner. #likeasir

So yes. About last weekend. So there’s a trend going on, the all day breakfast phenomena. After searching and googling through the recipe for different kind of breakfast, we decided to stick with the most authentic and easiest to prepare : the english breakfast.

So here we go!

No english breakfast is complete without mushrooms.

And finally, the outcome:

My with omelette

And his with bullseye

And see you on Sunday :) 

06 5 / 2012

Warm Belly :)

Sorry for not updating last week as a friend of my decided to swing by for some catching up session. Anyway long story short: My bad and sorry once again :/

* * * *

Off with that, let’s post something yummy (at least for me, heh) shall we? Decided to cook minestrone soup and we’re talking about how good will it be to have it during the raining day.. warm belly in a chilly weather has to be the perfect combo.

My oh my. Someone did rang the door bell.

We did not , no wait definitely did not plan for the horrible horrible thunderstorm earlier this afternoon. 

Alright. Warm belly coming through :)

Let’s add in some pasta :D

Slurrrp! Ah* Burp~

Till next Sunday! 

23 4 / 2012

Let’s have Salmon for dinner, shall we?

We both love salmon. We both love cranberry sauce. Thus we decided to whip out something with this combination! Oh! Not forgetting our favourite asparagus and potatoes as well. 

We just want to mix it all up and with Tim Gunn’s quote - Make It Work.

Get our leftover scallops to join in the fun as well. Remember: You’re your own chef. Just do it! 

The cranberry sauce! This is where the magic begins! Add abit of cooking cream while stir frying the sauce for more punch!

And here’s the result:

Have a wonderful evening! Till next Sunday ;)

22 4 / 2012

Pancakes For Breakfast!

Hello Sunday morning! For those who watched HIMYM would definitely know that Sunday is pancakes day! Since I’m a big fan of the show, I shall have my Sunday morning with none other than, well pancakes of course :)

Note: Didnt really prepared the mixture ourselves. It’s a premix that we got from the supermarket. Pretty decent I would say. 

Add something to spice up your pancakes, normally people would go for berries. Some might top it with other fruits like bananas (like Jeff) Well as for me, I’ll go for raspberries. Sweet and sour. Yummy :)

Pancakes with no syrup? You got to be kidding me. Go flood it all over your pancakes if you must!

Next shall be the dinner post :) toodles from morning breakfast. 

15 4 / 2012

Always been a fan of udon while dining at any Japanese restaurant. Therefore, we decided to try our hand on this dish. Obviously we did not prepared the soup base from scratch, I mean come on: boiling the soup base is going to take hours. You do the maths. So, instant soup base it is! #firstworldproblem

Besides that, you can always top it off with lots of ingredients. As for me, I’m a huge fan of seafood and am seriously dying over scallops. So why not? You are your own chef right? We decided to top off the plain udon with lots and lots of crabsticks and some gigantic scallops.

Wulala :D 

p/s: torn half a piece of scallop to boil with the soup. Extra touch to it :)

Ta da! Well I have to say, not bad for the first try. Scallops were abit oily and slightly salty. Maybe should try the unsalted butter next time.

That’s all for now. Till next Sunday! j&k. 

15 4 / 2012


We (Jeff & Kailee) both love cooking, especially on Sundays. 

Thus, our humble food documentary :)